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Ship Agency

Maritime Moonlight shipping Services has ability to provide highest level of agency services promptly round the clock to vessels, management teams and service providers. Our licensed personnel have years of knowledge and expertise in providing the best in port agency services in all Iran ports.

Owners Protective Agency and Ship Supply Services

Maritime Moonlight shipping Services can take care of all ship owners requirements effectively ranging from crew change, medical care, supplying provision, repairs and maintenances, transfer of funds to reporting of vessel and cargo condition, appointment of surveyor and many more services you may ever need.

Survey and P&I advices

Maritime Moonlight shipping Services has best relationship with inspection companies and almost all reputable surveyors in this field. We may pick best surveyor depending on the case and situation to get best technical information regarding the matter which enable us / our client to make best decision in due course. Also acting as exclusive P&I correspondent in port for such a long time has given us enough experience how to deal with any difficult situation our client may ever face. Sometimes it’s just a good advice on board, like a proper Letter of Protest, to prevent a time taking, complicated situation. Any problem ranging from cargo disputes like shortage or damage, to cases like collision with other vessels or jetty we can assist you. Even we have in house lawyer to take care of cases which should be dealt with in court of justice.

Legal Advice

Masters of vessels calling different ports may always face different difficulties based on local laws and regulations of port of calls, of course no one can be in a position to predict what they are going through, under such circumstances they need some professional advices from experts who not only have enough knowledge about local regulations, but also know how to approach and sort out a problem. Ability to gather information and evidences on board is essential for making right decisions in the least possible period of time. A proper letter of protest by an expert on board can protect ship owners interests in best way and prevent more problems and complications and losses. Our personnel have lengthy story with dealing with such a situation and will take all necessary actions to protect your interests.


Not only traditional shipping documents and paper work such as Notice of Readiness, Statement of Fact, Letters of Authority, Manifests, Stowage plans, Bills of Lading, Mate’s receipts, etc will be prepared by our personnel¸ but also any other document can be prepared based on requirements of clients.

Shippers/Receivers representation

In case any shipper or receiver at their discretion decide, we have ability to act as representative to protect their interests. Our experienced personnel in operation department have a history of dealing with vast range of different commodities and can fully understand the necessities, risks and requirements of any commodities and how to protect our clients interests in best possible way.


Considering our subsidiary companies which are active in port services like stevedoring and road transportation already active in some biggest contracts of their fields of activity in whole country, we proudly announce that we have capability to provide solutions to any logistical need by our subsidiary companies or other contractors.


Maritime moonlight shipping services has very good connection with several ship brokers and may answer to your inquiries for Bulk carriers, Oil / chemical Tankers in different sizes as per your requirements. Also if you have any type of shipment we can give you best advices how to handle and carry it in best possible economical way.

About us

Welcome to Maritime Moonlight shipping Services, where our mission is your peace of mind.


Our mission

providing best services and getting the job done to our clients satisfaction always is our first priority. we do our best to see our clients have complete peace of mind while working with us.

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